Time and Dreams

"If all time is eternally present / All time is unredeemable . . ." The echoes of Eliot's words resonate with me tonight as I sit here thinking about the whirlwind of life and all that is becoming. A good reminder, especially when we really pause and think about being thankful for all that we have, having reciprocity in our relationships, and simply living life.

Unredeemable time means that I must be (eternally) present in every second; yet, the past -- from the good and the bad -- wails, never forgotten, embodied somewhere deep down inside. The future -- my dreams -- reminding me of the (present) work it took to achieve . . . the future reminding me that I continue to become within the whirlwind. 

In a space in which all time "becomes," it's hard to pinpoint one "being." The continuous flow of life, as I've noted before, leads us to explore as we take advantage of time past, present, and future. All becoming, but we can't forget the being (the past) from where we come or where we are going (becoming). Thus, becoming (unredeemable) + being (eternally present) = inseparable (?) (complementary, partners, always in flux). [Not to mention all those before me who paved the way for themselves, perhaps unknowingly creating a path that I continue down today (but I digress as that's for another post to come).]

The journey continues with all that is "real" (and "real" in our dreams). The future awaits, after all, right now. [sweetdreams]