Let's Go Exploring

Yes, let's go exploring (and not be boxed in)! The reason I love the ocean is that no matter when one comes back to it, it's always different. Always

Do I remember or become in this space of 3lectric? Maybe a bit of both? The ocean reminds me of the constant flux of my exploration and becoming, as do my random notes scattered in old notebooks, books, pdfs, pictures that talk about remixing and becoming in ways that didn't quite make sense to me until now (well, kinda. those thoughts still exploring and pushing boundaries). 

The motion of our lives keeps pushing us onward: away from what we've known, through what we know, and into the realm of what's to come. Reminding us of how we are connected today in many ways that can be liberating and limiting. We reinvent ourselves daily within these connections. And the pounding we take along the way (like the waves on the shore) remind us of the journey, the process of becoming, we call life. 

I don't want to remain; I want to explore.