Donna's Remix of Dera Weaver's Remix

Was the message pleasing?

(please hang up and try your call again)

[Ground Control to Operator]


Annoying? Amusing?

(if you'd like to make a call, please hang up)

[Take your pills and put your headset on]


I opt for the latter.

(it's not for you to say. 

the conversation is over. 

the connection is broken. 


please hang up. 

try again.)

[Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…]


Who initiated the call?

(I did.  I connected you. It was never your call anyway)

[And may God’s love be with you]


The person on the other end or I?

(you both needed me)

[You’ve really made the grade]


Does it matter?

In the broader scheme of things?

(of course it matters. I made the connection, you merely participated.)

[And there’s nothing I can do.]


Yes. It was you.

(of course it was me.  it's always been me.)

[Can you hear me, Operator?]



(would you like to make a call?)

[Can you…]





 With special thanks to David Bowie, Space Oddity