Becoming (a Part of) History

American Pharoah made history Saturday: the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in '78. 

Galloping through the fields on Beach Ridge Lane, I dreamed of making history, too. The wind blowing against my face; the powerful thud of hooves up and over the hills. Mom telling me to be careful even though I loved riding bareback and really testing my skills. 

Galloping through the fields on Beach Ridge Lane, Bonanza and Perrier led the pack. [Followed by Blue, Izzy, and Cody later on.] The gate jingled, and you'd hear the thundering of hooves no matter where they were out and about. Always nosing about for a carrot, sugar cube, extra grain, or some other treat. Or, when it came to Bonanza, any and every thing he could attempt to eat. 

Galloping through the fields on Beach Ridge Lane, we/they became a part of [our] history, too. The hard work and responsibility, the barn naps, climbing the old sycamore down by the creek, the show ribbons, swatting flies, the falls (all my fault in the front yard), swimming in lakes or trotting through rivers and creeks. 

Yeah, that's our kind of history. 

[image: Bonanza (left), me, Perrier (right)]