Welcome to my 'hood

Do you know who you are? Well, in a world of rules (dad) and complications (mom), it seems that you must have the right percentage to be accepted. Some sort of mathematical equation and lab work defines you, or so they (powers) say. Yet, just as many believe "Sure books can guide you, but your heart defines you." 

Do you know who you are? Well, I'm still navigating that journey. Hoi toide keeps this vessel moving onward. Nonetheless, my family members have all had quite the journey to new lands and new places. Upper NE to the OBX (& that's just on mom's side since we're still working on dad's (we've found connections to ATL though; small world? I digress . . . )). Once Grandpa swam the Croaton Sound until they'd call from shore that he was too far out . . . or the ferry picked him up. We all keep swimming and searching for the answers, don't we? 

Do you know who you are? Well, maybe. But I know where I'm from. Welcome to my 'hood. Chicahauk Trail: where we "live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." 

Do you know who you are? Well, slowly but surely we all hope to celebrate the intricacies of our past, present, and future . . . to etch them in history forever . . . to remember, to become . . . together in ways that maybe only we and our heart defines us. 

Through my wanderlust perhaps, just maybe, I will.