Terms and Conditions of Use for becoming3lectric.com

Dear Visitor to the Becoming 3lectric Website,

We are a team from the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia.

We have designed this website to encourage individuals to create and share work online. As a website user you will be able to have content that you create posted on Becoming 3lectric. To do this, the process is as simple as contacting the web administrators through the form on the Join Us page to request that they upload your work to the site.  Examples of your work might include poems, videos, music, drawings, short stories, flash fiction, and the like.

You will be able to take other contributors’ work and remix it (unless copyrighted) in accordance with the site’s Creative Commons license. This also means that other website users may remix the work that you create.  The technology available to you in remixing will depend on your own access to the resources required to do so.

Because there is no way for the web administrators to restrict use or access to anything posted to the website, your work and your comments become part of the public domain. As a web user, you may choose to share as much or as little information about yourself as you choose.  For example, some people may choose to include their real names and facial images while others may not want to share information that directly identifies them. The web administrators will monitor the website postings and remove any posts that might be considered inappropriate or harmful to the community that develops within the Becoming 3lectric website.  This would include disclosure or posting of information that could lead to physical, psychological, social, economic, or legal harm. 

You must be 18 years old or older to use this website.  The researchers will remove any content or postings that indicate a website user is under 18 years old.

If you have any questions about this website, please feel free to contact Donna Alvermann at dalverma@uga.edu.

Thank you for your consideration! 


Donna Alvermann (Professor) and Crystal Beach